Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hicksville Station Eagle / National Train Day

This website and event coinsides with our work on the Hicksville Station Eagle. Please attend our meeting for our brochure on donating for this cause.

March 23 is our next general meeting.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Society Meeting March 23, 2010

Hicksville Historical Society Meeting for March 23, 2010 will feature a video titled “Levittown: A Living History” and will be presented by guest speaker Louise Cassano. Owner of LuCas Communications, Louise is known for her work in Levittown. Louise is past President of the Levittown Chamber of Commerce, and the Levittown Community Council. Louise Chaired the Levittown 50th Anniversary Committee, and in 2006 Chaired its 60th Anniversary Committee. The documentary, featuring many original Levittown residents, was a product produced for the 60th Anniversary. Brief business meeting begins at 7:15 in the John J. Burns Community Room, Hicksville Library.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Richard Evers March 30, 1922 - Feb 25, 2010

Richard Evers, Teacher, Historian, Author, and mentor to many, died February 25th. Like to many in the Hicksville Historical Society, he was a true mentor to me, and was the person that started me into volunteering my time with the Historical Society. His presentations at our general meetings boosted community awareness and pride in our town. Mr. Evers was always present at town functions, one being our costume ball held at the Milleridge Inn. Richard also sponsored bus tours around Hicksville, showing landmarks and presenting historical Churches to the public. His work with School children is noteworthy, as he was even presented on VH-1 television as Billy Joel's teacher. Here was a man who collected and presented town history who became part of the town history himself. His published books on Hicksville are valued additions to our collection. His mark on the Gregory museum and the history room in his name at the Hicksville Libray transmit to us that we will never be forgotten. Both He and his wife gave countless hours of their time to this community. As President of the Hicksville Historical Society, I say to you that I (and the Society) have lost a mentor, a friend, a guide. But in our time together, I gained so much, as did the whole community of Hicksville. I believe that when I think of the name 'Hicksville,' I will also think of Richard Evers.