Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Social A Success!!

On January 25, 2009, the Hicksville Historical Society hosted a Winter Social at the Gregory Museum. The Museum was kind enough to offer free admission for the day, and lots of people took up the offer on a cold winter's afternoon. The afternoon event was an "open mic" talk for Hicksville residents to discuss their history within the town. We listened to lots of exciting tidbits: Ruth Schrieber moved to Hicksville in 1925. Mary Colgan has had Hicksville roots since 1858! Jean Surtala had family here in 1886, and her family had a butcher shop on Broadway. Jessie Doyle had family with a general store on Broadway 1936 to 1956! Denward Collins remembers when there were only five traffic lights in all of Hicksville! Lois Calame, a 'newer' resident, moved to a Levitt house in 1950. And we couldn't have a historical discussion without our own Dick Evers discussing how he has seen the community transform. President and Vice president Bob Koenig and Rich Althaus and the board welcomed this memorable event.